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Members can enter up to 20.000 stickers now (before - 10.000) in their lists of missing and double stickers.
13.10.2012   TWO NOVELTIES

1. Now you can check all the stickers that some user entered in their lists - double or missing. Click the link "See the collections of ..." and you will find a new icon on the page that opens - magnifying glass. Click this new icon and a new small window will open with a list of all stickers for specific collection that selected user needs of offers.

2. Browsing private messages is now easier. In the list of messages there is a new icon - a magnifying glass. Click this icon to see all messages that you exchanged with specific user.
15.7.2012   PARLI ITALIANO?

New flag, new language - italian. Welcom new swappers from Italy! A big thanks to a good guy who translated the site!

Members of Spletkomat can now additionally edit their profile. Click Edit at the bottom of your profile page, to open a WYSIWYG editor, which enables you to edit and design text, add pictures, links, tables, ... Be creative and design an interesting profile to suit your taste!

There is the eight flag at Spletkomat. Many thanks for translating to montenegrin language to someone who asked me to stay anonymous.

Besides stickers, now you can enter your extra albums that you are willing to trade, swap or give away, and the albums you are looking for. You will find adequate changes on the following pages: "Enter stickers", "I have" and "I need", and on the pages of individual collections.
1.12.2010   MEMBERSHIP IN DECEMBER: 12 = 15

Activate your membership on Spletkomat in December and get 3 months extra free membership. This offer is valid for new members in December 2010.

Four years ago Marija Solomanova translated texts on Spletkomat to macedonian language. Since then there were a lot of changes and new pages. Today a new translation is published, author is Nikola Popov. Thank you!

Expanding the borders of Spletkomat with new languages. Texts are translated to romanian by Alexandru Tirca. Thank you for fast and precise work!

Once again thanks to Rajko, this time for editing of serbian texts on Spletkomat.

It was about time for some proofreading and editing of english texts on Spletkomat. Many thanks to Ian from England who did this great job!
9.11.2010   NEW LANGUAGE

New flag - Spletkomat is translated to bosnian language. Many thanks to Rajko for translation.
5.10.2010   YEAR PUBLISHED

There is a new field - "Year published" for each collection at Spletkomat now. This data has allready been added for 568 out of total 958 collections, but there are still 390 collections where the "Year published" is missing - you can check the list here.
If you know about the year published for any collection from the list, please report this using a contact form.

Registred users, who are not members of Spletkomat, can now activate your 3-day trial membership. During this time you will have a chance to know better and try for yourself most functions that members have, some with limitations. You can use a free trial only once with the same user account or e-mail.
1.11.2009   Changed design of Spletkomat

Spletkomat has a new design. In the first three days some bugs were found and mostly fixed. Most problems were reported because of using old browsers (e.g. IE 6). You can read more about this in the FAQ. Users who have some newer browser installed should see the first page of Spletkomat like this.
6.9.2009   Export private messages to Excell

There is a new button on the Private messages page which enables members to export their messages to an Excell document, which can be saved to your computer and open it with Microsoft Excell where you can browse all your messages.
18.-20.8.2009   3 novelties for members

7.7.2009   Access to forum for non-members

Registered users of Spletkomat, who are not members, can read posts on forum now, but they can't send their own posts.
6.7.2009   About Spletkomat

The page "About" Spletkomat has been refreshed - a detail description of how this site works will be most welcomed by new users.
27.5.2009   Privat messages

22.4.2009   Possible swaps in user's profile

Members of spletkomat can check possible swaps in user's profile now. They can also see if they have some stickers that the swapper needs or if the swapper has some stickers that they need, regardless of whether they can swap some stickers. By clicking the link a new page with a list of stickers or possible swaps will be displayed.
23.3.2009   A bug with Private messages has been fixed

After last changes, some of you had problems with private messages. The bug has been fixed and all users can still use PM's like before. They will be disabled for non-members after a while, until then just PM.
You noticed this new icon . This icon beside user's name means that user is a member.
Reactions on new policy and membership are positive. Therefore members can soon expect many improvements and add-ons, but let it stay a surprise until finished.
23.3.2009   Changes of Spletkomat

As it has been announced, Spletkomat works again!
All the chages, being described in this document are finished. An exception are private messages, which non-members can still use, in order to finish arranged swaps.
Users of spletkomat, which have donated to spletkomat and those with a medail (1000 positive marks), are free of paying membership fee for the first year. These members are kindly asked to fill in a new form under "Settings" button to enter "Member identification" data.
If you would like to become a member, please pay membership fee using information on a page "Become a member". Before activating your membership, you also need to fill in the new form "Member identification" - click Settings in main menu.
Due to a lack of time for programming and testing all the changes, you might find some error. I'm sorry for that and you are kindly asked to report them.

3.3.2009   Time for the toast

It's been 7 great years having fun with this site! Spletkomat was born on 3. 3. 2002 and since then every year a number of registered swappers doubles. So does the number of wonderful users supporting this site by making others happy, sending them missing stickers, making spletkomat a kind comunity for children and their parents, and finally giving donations to help this site exist and grow. I wish everybody to make good swaps, complete their albums and find good friends here!

2.3.2009   Problems at registration

Some new swappers who wished to register in the last few days, haven't received your password by e-mail. The reason for this is, that IP number of our mail server has been added by mistake on a black list After intervention, this problem will be resolved in 24 hours. We are sorry for the trouble due to the mistake we are not responsible for. We ask you to register again in a day or two.


Spletkomat has moved from a shared server to a new VPS (virtual private server).
Main advantages are:


If you want to enter a range of stickers (e.g. all numbers from 1 to 255) now there is an option to help you with this. You only have to enter the first and the last number, click the button and all numbers in that range will be copied into a text field for stickers numbers.


Private messages at spletkomat make a lot of data transfer on a web server, so some changes were necessary. These messages are no longer split into many pages, but are all listed on one page. When you click a message, it will be opened in a new smaller window, where you can read or answer the message. Users welcomed these changes the first day, but like all the previous versions, this is probabbly not the last one, but hopefully the best untill now.

1.4.2008   CHAT

Spletkomat got a new Chat, a commercial version on a separate server, which seems to be working fine after first few days of usage. You need to have Java installed on your computer to use this chat. New users click button 'Registration', enter your data and read e-mail which will be sent to you. In this e-mail there is a link to authentication, click this link and confirm registration on a new page which opens. You will receive your password with another e-mail. Later you may change your password.


Spletkomat was born on 3. 3. 2002. Happy birthday!


Due to numerous complaints about double ratings, from now on you can only rate once in a day for the same swapper. Double ratings were mostly given by mistake or with an unfair purpose.
A possibility to change your name in a profile has also been abused several times. Because of this you can no longer change this date in your profile.
15.8.2007   Golden list + some upgrades in search forms

There is a new button - Golden list in user's menu, showing a list of users who received most thanks, appreciations, ... from other swappers.

Due to continuous growth of number of stickers in a database, there are some new options (sorting and limits) in the forms: Swaps, I need, I have.
14.8.2007   Limited number of private messages

A number of private messages wasn't limited untill now, so some users don't delete their old messages.
Now a limit was set - 100 messages. If you have more than 100 messages, you can't send or receive a new one.
7.8.2007   Soon 500 praises for Tihana!

While writing this news, little miss Tihana Perković has 499 praises, and other positive statements from swappers, she's been swapping with, and with this number she set a record at spletkomat. Congratulations to a 7 year old Tihana and her mother who cares of the swaps!
25.6.2007   Remember me

You don't need to login on spletkomat every time any more. If you select 'Remember me' at login, your login data will be stored on your computer in a Cookie.
6.6.2007   A warning from swapper:

  • Cao, jos jednom! Mislim da sam naisao opet na onog dosadnjakovica Dakica......Sad se zove Stefan, ali je sada sa studenta spao na obicnog ucenika:) Ima oko 200 duplikata, isto kao i Dalibor i Dragana, pa eto da reko' da ti javim da ne bi opet slucajno nekoga zeznuo. Pozdrav iz Beograda!

  • Ne znam kolika je verovatnoca da to budu 2 razlicita Dakica iz Novog Sada sa slicnim duplikatima i da pocne skupljati nakon 2 prevare Dalibora tj. Dragane Dakic (Novi Sad ima 300.000) stanovnika. Ni ja ne mogu da tvrdim 100 %, ali mislim da je uzeo adresu od nekog prijatelja i rodjaka i ocekuje da mu tamo dolazi posta, a naravno da ih ne vrati nazad. Problem je u tome sto on ceka da dobije jedno 5-6 ponuda za razmenu i onda odgovori i svima zakaze razmenu u toku jednog dana (posto kao ima 200 duplikata), ljudi posalju svoje slicice u sledeca 2 dana, a on naravno svoje ne salje. I dok stigne reakcija od nekog prevarenog (nakon 7 dana) dotle je vec kasno. Ajd sto je mene malo matorijeg izradio jednom, ali mrzim to sto izradjuje malu decu, tako da sam ga bas uzeo na zub.
    Kad bi bar postojao neki sistem da se upozori na nekog sumnjivog, ne znam , nisam pametan.

  • A evo i sad sam proverio, Dakicu je falila slicica broj 240, kao i Dragani, ali i takodje i Stefanu fali broj 240. Tako da mislim da je sve to ipak ista osoba. Sad ceka par dana da mu se nagomilaju ponudjene razmene i onda dogovori sve u jednom danu i tako zezne ljude.

  • March 2007 - 5th birthday

    Sticker swappers site was born in march 2002. It started with a legendary collection "Animal kingdom" in Slovenia. Today there are more than 100 collections on the site, it is translated in 4 additional languages and it unites swappers from 28 countries.

    I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all swappers, who helped at improvements of the site.

    Martin Šnajder, the author

    29.1.2007   Nomination for The Izidor Award!

    A committee of professionals has nominated 5 out of 31 applied web projects for nomination. is one of them!

    (read more ...)
    20.1.2007   Vote for!
    Our site has applied for the Izidor Award for the best slovenian web project in the "Social Networking" area.

    You can vote until January 2007.
    Thank you for voting!   (read more ...)
    31.12.2006   Happy new year 2007!

    8.12.2006   Stickers numbers starting with zero
    Some collections have stickers whos numbers start with zero (eg. 003, 006, 057, 076 etc.). Swappers enter these stickers different ways; some with a leading zero and some without (eg. 3, 6, 57, 76 etc.)
    From today on stickers numbers are automatically converted in a form without leading zeros and all existing records in a database have been replaced.
    7.12.2006   Now you may change your e-mail
    Click 'Settings' and enter your new e-mail address.
    6.12.2006   New options in a 'Swaps' list
    In a list of possible swaps, now you can select a country and date of last visit.
    21.10.2006   New language: macedonian
      translation: ѓа Марија Соломанова
    13.10.2006   Spletkomat in serbian language

    Since Serbia is the third in number of swappers, there is a new flag on spletkomat. Many thanks to swapper Mr. Aleksander Stanišić for translations.
    Suggestions for language improvements in all languages by experts from this area are always welcome. For the quality of translations of the news, all responsibility is on me, editor of spletkomat.
    9.10.2006   For users of spletkomat in croatian language only

    Prof. Siniša Vodopija, a swapper from the island Vis in Croatia kindly read and corrected all the croatian text on this site (except the news). Thank you!
    8.10.2006   A new button 'Swaps'

    There is a new button 'Swaps' in user menu. It will show you a list of swappers who need your extra stickers and have your missing stickers.

    There were 58 swappers deleted from a database, who had wrong e-mail address, and last login before July 2006.
    7.10.2006   Advanced private messages

    Sending private messages has been improved and simplified with new advanced private messages, created by a program: There is another new feature: now you can enter your personal description in your own language and in english.
    28.8.2006   A letter from Matej announces last improvement

    We are glad about all the recent improvements to this site, but most of all we are happy about the last one, which we were secretly longing for the most. This improvement is in a new column on a list of swappers, who need your stickers. In this column there are stickers that these swappers offer. This way there is no more dull browsing through swappers and looking for the best possible swaps.
    Keep on this way!
    Matej K.

    27.8.2006   4 new options - because you asked for them

    16.8.2006   E-mail messages about site renewal

    All registered swappers have received an email with a new password. If you haven't received this e-mail, it is probabbly because of a wrong e-mail address you entered during registration or because your mailbox is full. Please check a list of wrong e-mails.
    14.8.2006   The Sticker Swapper's site has been renewed

    At the time of FIFA, in july 2006, there's been a huge increase of this site's usage and at the end of month some technical changes had to be done, as to enable the site to work fast inspite of big number of swappers and stickers.

    Data has been transfered from Access database into a powerfull MSSQL 2000 database and procedures for searching which were a heavyload for server have been optimized.

    This was also an opportunity for content improvements and redesign of the site.

    Some important news for all registered swappers: I believe that among more than 800 registered swappers there will be some who will find some errors on a renewed site. Please report this with a form "Contact" at the top of site.

    I wish you a successful swapping and pleasant use of this site!