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Why become a member?

There are three categories of users:

1. Random visitors
Visitors who haven't yet registered. They can check which stickers are available for swap and which are sought after, but they cannot enter their own wanted stickers and doubles. They also cannot use advanced features, which are available to the registered users and members of Spletkomat.

2. Registered users
These are users of Spletkomat who fill out the registration form. They can enter their wanted stickers and doubles in a database. They can use many features of Spletkomat, some limited, but they don't have a 'Swaps' button and some other options, which are available only to the members.

3. Members
Members are registered users who pay an annual membership fee and fill out the 'Author Contract' in the 'Settings' menu. Only members can use all the features of Spletkomat, receive technical support and a 24/7 service. How do I pay for membership?

FEATURES Member Registered user Random visitor
The 'Swaps' button
Members can see this button and only they can see the possible swaps. Other registered users can reply to proposals for swaps from members. Image 1 Image   Image 2 Image
Swaps with one swapper
When a member opens someone's profile Image they can see what they can swap with them, or what stickers one needs from another.
'My collections' list
There is a list of your collections in the left menu, for quicker access to those collections you have entered stickers for. See example Image .
Advanced collection editing
Click on collection in the 'My collection list' to open a page for quick and easy collection editing. Image . On this page there is a list of your doubles and wanted stickers, a form for entering new ones, search forms for finding possible swaps, and forms for deleting several stickers at once.
Enter stickers
Doubles and wanted stickers can be entered in the database by both - members (up to 20.000) and registered users (up to 1.000).
Looking for individual stickers
Everybody, including random visitors, can check if a specific sticker is available for swap at Spletkomat.
Private messages (PM)
Swaps among users are arranged using private messages, which are a part of the system. Members max. 250, registered users max. 100
Get notified by e-mail when new PM arrives
Use checkbox in menu 'Settings' if you would like to get an e-mail message when you receive a new PM at Spletkomat.
Export PM to Excel
You can export your private messages to an Excel document, store it on your computer, open it with Microsoft Excel and browse all your messages.
Only members can put a line of comment next to a positive mark they give in the case of a successful swap. Only members can give a negative mark to other members.
Only members can see an extended set of data in other member's profiles.
Members can read and send their posts on the forum. Registered swappers can only read the forum.
Technical support
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