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Muscara offers DISCOUNT to the members of Spletkomat!
How to obatin discounts from the web shop:

This is how it works. The users of spletkomat may register on my web shop and then send me an email about this, after a verification I will enable the account to obtain the discount.
The discount is 10% on all the item listed and if the order is over 90 euro the shipping cost is free. If the order is over 250 euro you obtain another 10% discount and still free shipping.
With an order 90 euro you save the shipping cost and combined with the 10% it is like a 30% discount.
In any case also for small orders the prices on my web shop are quite good and most items are hard to find (at least this is what my customers say).

Pietro Muscara

User's review

Registration at is easy. I recomend new users to browse through the site to get familiar with it, to know where is what and how it works.
Next is ordering. I have to point out that NOT ALL stickers (sealed packs) are available in unlimited amounts. They are marked with an asterisk sign (*), but I can only see this when I allready put the order - sometimes this makes me dissappointed.
You get the order form quite quickly - i believe it is automated. Payments are a bit harder from Serbija - there are several options, but none of them is fast enough :-) I've been using paying in my bank, there is a short procedure, some fee, and in max 3 days my payments arrived to Mr. Muscara. I haven't been using credit cards for payments - I know there is a little problem about it - I reported it to Mr. Muscara and he promised that it will be improved. I've also been using Western Union, it is much faster, easier, but fees are higher. This are my experiences with payments from Serbija.
Ordering is fast, but it takes some time for the parcells to arrive (average time is 2 weeks). Postal service is slow but express couriers are very expansive and you pay Customs fees while with the postal service you avoid these Customs fees most of the time. The problem is that we collectors would like to get the parcell immediately :-)

That much from me, greetings - Dejan