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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I start using this site?
To begin using all aspects of this site you first need to register. Click the 'Registration' button, and enter your data in the registration form.

2. I haven't received my password after registration.
Often, the reason for this is that you typed in your e-mail address incorrectly during registration.

3. I can't login with the password I received after registration.
You are probably entering an incorrect password - watch for similar characters: 1li o0 S5 etc. and use the same e-mail address that you entered during registration. IMPORTANT: to use spletkomat, you need to enable Cookies in your browser.

4. How do I swap stickers with others?
This site provides you with information about what stickers other users are offering or need. With this information, you can arrange an exchange of stickers with other swappers.

5. My collection is not on this site.
Use the 'Contact' form on this site to let us know which collection you are looking for. We can then add the collection onto the site. If possible, please send a scanned image of the album cover, or a link to such an image.

6. How do I delete my user account?
If you no longer wish to use spletkomat, you may delete your user account.
All your sticker data, private messages and personal data will be deleted. Click 'Settings' and Delete user account.