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About Spletkomat

Spletkomat is a website for those who collect stickers, and who want to complete their collections by swapping their doubles.

Registration at Spletkomat is free, but some options are only available to members. The annual membership fee is 10 EUR. Read more about membership and fee payment.

Collections and stickers
  • You can check if your collection is swapped at Spletkomat, by entering it's name in a search form, or by clicking the name of the publisher on the left.
  • Each collection at Spletkomat is presented with the following data: name of collection, publisher, an image of the album, number of stickers in collection, number of swappers, number of stickers offered and wanted, and 'demand and supply' statistics for each sticker number.
  • Each collection has it's own page with a list of the stickers that users have entered - missing stickers and double stickers. Click on the number in the list to find out who needs or offers individual stickers.
  • If you can't find your collection at Spletkomat, please send us a message.
Registration and settings
  • If you want to enter your missing and double stickers, it is required that you register.
  • After registration you will receive an e-mail which you use to log in.
  • Click 'Settings' in the menu to change your password, e-mail and other personal data.
  • For your privacy protection you may choose if other users of Spletkomat can see your e-mail and postal address.
  • You can select the preferred language you will use at Spletkomat. Currently supported languages are: english, slovenian, croatian, serbian, macedonian, romanian, bosnian, montenegrin and italian.
Enter stickers
  • Click button 'Enter stickers' in menu to enter your missing and double stickers. On the form you can select a collection and enter your stickers.
  • You can enter stickers manually - one by one, or a whole range (e.g. all stickers from 1 to 100), which saves you time.
  • As soon as your stickers are added to the database, the system can find possible swaps.
  • The following swap options are available to the members of Spletkomat only: the 'Swaps' button and the lists: 'Who has them', 'Who needs them' and a list of possible swaps with an individual swapper.
  • The 'Swaps' button shows a list of possible swaps with other users. You may narrow the list to swappers from a selected country or to those who have visited Spletkomat in the last 2, 7, 14 days. In this list of swappers there is a list of stickers you need and they have, and a list of stickers they need and you have. Next to each row in the list, there is a button 'Suggest swap' - by clicking it, a new message for the selected swapper is created. By selecting 'Advanced message' a text for the message will be automatically generated in a selected language.
  • In the list of your missing stickers 'I need' and your double stickers 'I have', you will find the following lists: 'Who has them' and 'Who needs them'. They show swappers and the stickers they need and you have, or they have and you need, even if you have no possible swaps with those swappers. These lists are available for each individual collection and can also be narrowed to swappers from selected countries or according to when they last visited Spletkomat.
  • Open user's profile to see what you can swap with an individual swapper, or what stickers each of you has that the other needs.
  • The above listed possibilities are only available to members of Spletkomat. Users with a free registration don't see these options, but they can wait for some member to send them a proposal for swap.
  • If you are only looking for a few stickers and you are not a member, you can still find possible swaps by looking into the lists 'Who needs them' and 'Who has them' at a specific collection.
Private messages
  • Private messages are a part of Spletkomat and are used to send proposals for swaps and other messages.
  • The number of messages in your box is limited, so you are required to delete old messages occasionally.
  • You may request an answer to your message, so that the recipient will have to provide an answer before deleting it.
  • The system enables you to browse all messages with individual swappers, all received messages, all sent messages, or all messages.
  • Private messages open up in a new window, so you need to have pop-up windows enabled in your browser.
  • Use the button 'Swappers' to search for swappers by their name, e-mail, or description. You may narrow your search to swappers from a specific country.
  • In the list of swappers click on a swapper's name to open their profile. Here you see their data, what they collect, how many and what marks they received and gave, when they registered and last visited Spletkomat, and if they have unanswered messages.
  • It is recommended that you check a user's profile before you swap and use this information when deciding whether to swap.
  • You can see your own profile by clicking the 'Home' button in the user menu.
  • After a successful swap users can give a positive mark to each other. In the case of an unsuccessful swap you may give a negative mark.
  • Marks are subjective, so you should not rely on them, but it is still good to check them before a swap.
  • Swappers who have received most positive marks are on the 'Golden list'.
  • Forum - members can use the forum, where swappers talk about stickers, Spletkomat and other topics. Other registered users can read posts on the forum, but can't send their own posts.
  • Chat - same as above, but in real time.
  • Published on the first page of Spletkomat are: new collections, the most popular collections, news, numbers of swappers, collections and stickers, and the number of current visitors. There are also lists of new swappers, and of countries with the most swappers. Countries with less than 100 swappers have a link to the page with a list of all swappers from that country.
  • Select your favourite color for Spletkomat by clicking on the colour bar which is just below the logo.
  • There is a 'Remember me' option at log in, which stores a cookie on your computer. This way you don't need to enter your e-mail and password every time you open the site.
  • One of the aims of Spletkomat is to offer you fresh data, so inactive users (the ones who haven't visited Spletkomat for more that 2 months) will be periodically deleted. They will be notified of this beforehand via e-mail.
  • For the same reason, users who have registered but have then not logged in again in 14 days, will be deleted.
  • If you use Spletkomat on a public computer, please click 'Log out' when you leave the computer in order to prevent unauthorised use of your account.
  • If you decide that you no longer wish to use Spletkomat, you can delete your user account. Click 'Settings' in your user menu, and at the bottom of the page click 'Delete user account'. By doing this, your user account and the data you entered, will be deleted.
Conditions of use
  1. By registering, you allow other swappers to see your data (self-description, e-mail)
  2. You may receive a few e-mails per year, informing you about news on the site.
  3. The editorial staff will not intervene in case of unsuccessful swaps, or unfair marks.
  4. On Spletkomat it is prohibited to use unacceptable language, sexual innuendo or explicit vocabulary. Similarly, racist, nationalistic, religious and insulting comments, which are not acceptable in a civilized world, are not welcome. In order for Spletkomat to be an enjoyable place for children, please use appropriate language when sending your posts.
  5. The messages on the forum and private messages express the views of the author of the message, and Spletkomat will not be held responsible for the contents of any message. Each user of is responsible for his/her posts on this site.
  6. In the case of violation of these rules, the moderator of Spletkomat reserves the right to remove, edit or close any post, or user, on the site, or limit a user's options.
  7. In the case where a registered user is a minor, the user's parents are responsible for all their activities at Spletkomat.

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